Doha Qatar City Tour

Though Qataris traditionally sought their living from the sea, Oil, discovered in 1930 and now gas, has turned Qatar into one of the richest countries in the world. However, despite its modern outlook and high-rise structures, Doha is still drenched in tradition. Departure from your hotel and drive past the 7 km long Cornice Bay, […]

North of Qatar – Al Zubarah Fort Qatar

Drive through Losail International Circuit The track opened in 2004 for the inaugural Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar, won by SeteGibernau. The track is 5.380 km in length, with a straight line of just over a kilometer at 1.068 meters. In 2007, Losail added permanent outdoor lighting for night races. At the time, the lighting […]

Camel Racing and Oryx Farm

Sheikh Faisal Museum. Built of local stone, with traditional turrets the building itself is a collector’s piece. Islamic Art, Heritage Qatar, Vehicles and Coins & Currency, comprising over 70,000 pieces from 4 continents. Each collection contains further collections, making the Museum treasure trove of unique fossils, scriptures, Islamic textiles, ancient figurines, vintage cars, rare coins, […]

Richard Serra – East West// West East and Zekreet

Zekreet fort Qatar The landscape of the Zekreet peninsula has a unique and fascinating geology. Salt flats, rocks and open desert plateau dominate this scenery. There are no sand dunes here, weird rock formations and great views over the blue waters of the gulf. The BirZekreet limestone escarpment is a desert bleachy, the blustery has […]

Qatar’s Sinkhole (Qatar Musfur Sinkhole)

Qatar’s Sinkhorle Musfur is the deepest of the known and accessible wineries in Qatar. The visible bottom is around 100m deep, but some scientists suspect a larger cave-system to extend below. When you enter the cave through the relatively small opening, you can see. Also known as Dahl Al Hamam, Qatar: A Cave in Doha […]